Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wow wadderuno

Hi all.
yes it is me and at last an update on things that really matter.

I have been down at the bottom doing odds and ends because I have found a very unnasuming and charming young lady in the form of Katherine.
She has come along to help me in my time of less activity due to problems of old age. Well I was not quite expecting her to be like she is. Anothewr Bula? She has been with me for a little over a week and she is amazing. Her work rate is second to none and she has a nice warm appeal too. She is a credit to her Mom and Dad, Pat and Nick. I wonder how I am going to keep up with her. My plot has taken on another new look and hopefully we will be able to make a really good job of it.
All potatoes dug out execpt competition ones. And beleive you me, they are the best I have produced so far. The usefulness of the pots are superb. From small salad types to Bumper Bakies.

More news on the weather. I hope it will eventually stop persisting down as I need to give my humble girlies a roof over their heads. As they lay their breakfast goodies for my wife and myself, it would be nice to return the favour. Hopefully the last of the last bunch will be in full feather soon, as she looks a little sorry for herself at the moment, and of course the weather is not helping her one little bit.

I shall book off now and get some pictures ready for the next blog in a few days time so that you can see how they are all doing as well as the allotment.
Bye for now folks and sorry for the long awaited blog.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Its Me again

He all, just to let you know I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth. I'm still around.

Been down to the bottom Today and decided it was high time I came on me blog and did some serious work for a change. I am going to try and attach the Newsletter I do each bi-month so that all and sundry could get it and hopefully make life easier for me.
Here goes a try at uploading it now. Its in PDF format so should be OK. We shall have to wait and see if anyone looks at it.
PS Does anyone know how to add a PDF file to my editing page Like NOW!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Villa piling up the matches.

Hi there all.

Must say Happy New Year and now thats done down to the nitty gritty.

Been stuck at home apart from one day this week (Wednesday), I decided to go down to the plot and see if there was any chance of getting potatoes for din dins.
Well, after the reverberations stopped through thefork. You might know. The ground was absolutely, yes! you might know dopey dick tried and the ground was solid. If at first you dont succeed,? I didnt though. The fingers were still tingling.

I have been awaiting treatment for my knee, left leg, which gave way boxing day, and it was not the drink Hazel. Oh No! it was unbeleivable. Chris I like your bloggs. Interesting. Like you I like the snow. The picture tells it all. I have been told I have to go into have something done on the knee, so I am awaiting the call. But will be skating off on 25th for a break, down to Hayling Island. till the 29th.

I get on well with walking in the snow usually, but now the knee is crocked I can only do a little at a time. I had the nicest shock yesterday, Sat. The door knocked and I went and opened it to reveal the saw dactor, Brian calling in to see if he could get anything in for the O.A.P's. Well, what a lovely thought. I have always been willing to do for others, now I find I am in a position where I may be helped. Brian, your thought and turning up was the nicest thing that has happened this year so far. God bless his little cotton socks. As far as the allotment is concerned it is a no no for me at this minute, but I have sown some seeds, secret ones for the show. Hope I can get them to do what I want. More about that in a later blog.

The Villa, hence the title. Well we are having a pretty bad time at present like most clubs. I was all ready to go to Blackburn on the coach last Tuesday, when the phone call came and I was told all is off. The sandwiches were made and flasks just about to be made, so Alma and I had Egg and Cress for lunch. Wow. They were nice though.

Not seen much of people lately so will be good to catch up on all thats gone on shortly. Hope you are all well wrapped up and enjoying the crisp fresh air. It will kill a lot of our bugs and grubs hopefully, so see you all around soon, Take care cus we care.

Monday, 30 November 2009

New Happenings.

Well, how are you all. Been down to plot and also got Brian the chainsaw working Sunday Morning. Just Brian and I I thought, but oh no. We had a really good turnout with members of committee and Chris from 2B helping and sorting out trees. The Thomas'es at Dugdale crescent were extremely helpful and also the young lady next door, Pauline. It all went down well and I have some pics from Christine to show. John Davies and myself have laid down 3 slabs on the walkway to our plot this morning, Monday, and we shall be doing more on perhaps Wednesday or Thursday this week.

I have had me feet podiotrated or whatever you say, and that was good. Walking on air now for a bit. The ET shakes is not doing too well, one day off and then two or three with the shaking Stevens. Ha Ha! Oh well cant be bad for the age etc. Looking forward to Xmas and seeing some grandchildren and great Grandchildren. Keeps me young. Have purchased new camera and also will get a memory card for it shortly so Photo's should be better. Have to take when I am not in the shakes. I have had some information to put in the next letter for end of December, so things looking up a little.

Gave Hazel a surprise yesterday, she has some extra bottles and piping now so the harvesting of grape wine should be well on the way.

The pool is coming on nicely and Chris off 2A has put me some poolside plants ready for planting out. Must do it in the next day or two. Will put my heater on tonight as I feel we may have a cold one.

Sweet pea plants going on strong now and will have one for each person turning up for the talk in January.

I will try and get the Pics on now so stand by and wait for it.

Can not understand why my Pics go to top. Its got to be me. Thick Head. Any help appreciated. The Lady in the last picture made the difference, because the tree came out. She is strong. Wow.
See you all at the plot, and take care cus we care. XX Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

New things for all

Hi there everyone,
well wouldn't you know it. Young Hazel back off holidays and rarin to go as is normal with hazel, she came down to see us all. Brian, Christine & myself that is on Sunday morning. After explaining that my grapes were green ones she reluctantly caved in and has decided to pick em and bottle em so to speak.

Brian and I had a good mornings work on the work party at the top of the site, and then he came down to help me with the hedge trimming. Whilst he was there he moved the rest of my rocks, no Pauline, not Barmouth ones but ones for the pool, Ha Ha.
He is a great help and asset to us on the bottom end of the plot. Cheers BRI.
Had a nasty fall whilst on the working party, right on to an iron bar. The Photo might help you to see the damage. I am not sure if its just pride or the soreness off it, but it blooming well hurt I can tell you. No looking at the body please. I do not want young ladies passing out.

Well I tried the Hooligan Pumpkin with my grandchildren Lucy and Olivia on Saturday, and their verdict. Super Grandad. Delicious and scrumptious said Lucy. Nodding her head Olivia had too much in her mouth but she smiled and nodded A.O.K.
Wow. It was really good. I had to microwave it for 5+ minutes but I put in Bacon chopped up and a Triangular cheese spread piece in with the butter before cooking. I must say the nutty flavour was just enough for me, but it was just like eating mashed spuds.

Been down on the plot and sown more seeds of Sweet Pea. Air Warden and Mrs Bernard Jones. Will be pleased to see these next year. Have started a paper news letter for the plotters and also digging out a trench for the sweet peas bed. I will be putting that nice Horse manure in the bottom and then some soil and compost mixed over that.

Took off the Plastic cover I used early Autumn and will dig over that area ready for me tatties next year. Getting ready to sow some broad beans. They might get themselves well established with this weather we are experiencing at the moment.
I shall be on the plot today Tuesday for some more work and also some picture taking.
Must get some good ones of our Allotment and also some of the best and worst plots to date. Maybe there are not any worst ones. Lets hope so. Indian Summer in October nearly November, Wow! its not on or is it?.

Well for the moment, thats about it. Will keep you posted on the things that are happening. See ya soon, keep well and take care cus we care. xx

Saturday, 17 October 2009

This Blinkin Flu

Hi all. picked up the Flu after my talk on Tuesday evening. Well is it not a thoroughley alarming thing. It really knocks one down. I have not eaten till today from Thursday and still feel queasy etc. Very weak and listless. But I thought it might help to get on the net and do sometning to blow away the feeling. Some luck.I think it might be with me for a little while. As a season ticket holder you can see how dissapointed I was to miss the Chelsea Game with the best club in great Britain.
Still I managed to see some from the armchair.
Had a visit from the Butterfly Bula Rice and she has made a start to getting her plot done. Have not been over since wednesday last week so not sure if all those sweet peas I had sown were coming up.
I shall have to ask Roger to check on them for me or Christine if she reads this blog. I will be down on the plot shortly I hope as I am dying to see the results from the coldframe base by Robert. A friend I know who lives very close to the entrance to the plot. He has the white van on the garden next to the fence to the entrance on the left.

Well as I am not 100% at the mo I will get on and try and get better, so that I can get down to it again.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Some time to get on

Hi all, it has been a long time since I wrote up my blog, but all in all I have had a bit of a traumatic time. They have found I have ET, that is a disease in the brain that gives you the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but it effects both side of the body. In Parkinson's it only affects one primarily. I have shakes in the head, the hands arms and legs as well as feeling tremor's in the body. It is call ESSENTIAL TREMOR'S and many folk have it but do not realise it is there. I found mine over a year ago when I was using the mouse for the PC. I would get the thumb shaking and I could not control the ball at the side. Its a bit of a nuisance but at long last I have now found out about it and been diagnosed with it, and capsules are the help not a cure.

Well enough on all that business, down to the bottom af the plot.
Its looking a bit of a Steptoe's yard at the minute but with steady ongoing processes we should get it ready and up and running better in 2010. The Pond is in and full, no fish yet but one plant kindly donated by the young Julie. I am looking out for a Solar panelled pump system to keep the water churning and aerated. I will get fish when things are running. Any donation of Plants gratefully accepted.

Did have a bit of a holiday recently down to Lowestoft and really enjoyed it. Hope I can remember to add pics now. I will try. You are not allowed to laugh but a chuckle will be OK as they say it makes you health.???

As I Said no Laughing. Well I always make myself known to the young Ladies at all holiday resorts I attend. It keeps me young.

The plot has still got Cabbages, Spring Cabbage, Cauliflower, Courgettes, Turnips, Swedes, and a few other bits and pieces to help us through the winter. I shall take some pics on my new mobile and show you on the next blog.

I am getting the Hot Bed and frame ready. The footings for the base are being started tomorrow, Tuesday, and hopefully in 2 weeks it will all be ready for using.

I have cleaned out my greenhouse and still waiting for young Hazel to come and get the grapes so we can all get some Grape wine. Wow, we might make an evening of Tasting all the different wines she has made up, or maybe not.

Roger on Plot 3b has been and done it as I predicted, he came third in the Pumpkin competition with a good 48 pounder. Well done Roger. I have to push him into these competitions and he has now seen the fruition of a placing.

New hearing aids added and I can hear what you are saying about me now, so be careful Ha HA.

I think that should do for now, but one more Piccy of me working hard in the Bungalow.??? Tongue in cheek here.