Monday, 12 October 2009

Some time to get on

Hi all, it has been a long time since I wrote up my blog, but all in all I have had a bit of a traumatic time. They have found I have ET, that is a disease in the brain that gives you the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but it effects both side of the body. In Parkinson's it only affects one primarily. I have shakes in the head, the hands arms and legs as well as feeling tremor's in the body. It is call ESSENTIAL TREMOR'S and many folk have it but do not realise it is there. I found mine over a year ago when I was using the mouse for the PC. I would get the thumb shaking and I could not control the ball at the side. Its a bit of a nuisance but at long last I have now found out about it and been diagnosed with it, and capsules are the help not a cure.

Well enough on all that business, down to the bottom af the plot.
Its looking a bit of a Steptoe's yard at the minute but with steady ongoing processes we should get it ready and up and running better in 2010. The Pond is in and full, no fish yet but one plant kindly donated by the young Julie. I am looking out for a Solar panelled pump system to keep the water churning and aerated. I will get fish when things are running. Any donation of Plants gratefully accepted.

Did have a bit of a holiday recently down to Lowestoft and really enjoyed it. Hope I can remember to add pics now. I will try. You are not allowed to laugh but a chuckle will be OK as they say it makes you health.???

As I Said no Laughing. Well I always make myself known to the young Ladies at all holiday resorts I attend. It keeps me young.

The plot has still got Cabbages, Spring Cabbage, Cauliflower, Courgettes, Turnips, Swedes, and a few other bits and pieces to help us through the winter. I shall take some pics on my new mobile and show you on the next blog.

I am getting the Hot Bed and frame ready. The footings for the base are being started tomorrow, Tuesday, and hopefully in 2 weeks it will all be ready for using.

I have cleaned out my greenhouse and still waiting for young Hazel to come and get the grapes so we can all get some Grape wine. Wow, we might make an evening of Tasting all the different wines she has made up, or maybe not.

Roger on Plot 3b has been and done it as I predicted, he came third in the Pumpkin competition with a good 48 pounder. Well done Roger. I have to push him into these competitions and he has now seen the fruition of a placing.

New hearing aids added and I can hear what you are saying about me now, so be careful Ha HA.

I think that should do for now, but one more Piccy of me working hard in the Bungalow.??? Tongue in cheek here.

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