Sunday, 10 January 2010

Villa piling up the matches.

Hi there all.

Must say Happy New Year and now thats done down to the nitty gritty.

Been stuck at home apart from one day this week (Wednesday), I decided to go down to the plot and see if there was any chance of getting potatoes for din dins.
Well, after the reverberations stopped through thefork. You might know. The ground was absolutely, yes! you might know dopey dick tried and the ground was solid. If at first you dont succeed,? I didnt though. The fingers were still tingling.

I have been awaiting treatment for my knee, left leg, which gave way boxing day, and it was not the drink Hazel. Oh No! it was unbeleivable. Chris I like your bloggs. Interesting. Like you I like the snow. The picture tells it all. I have been told I have to go into have something done on the knee, so I am awaiting the call. But will be skating off on 25th for a break, down to Hayling Island. till the 29th.

I get on well with walking in the snow usually, but now the knee is crocked I can only do a little at a time. I had the nicest shock yesterday, Sat. The door knocked and I went and opened it to reveal the saw dactor, Brian calling in to see if he could get anything in for the O.A.P's. Well, what a lovely thought. I have always been willing to do for others, now I find I am in a position where I may be helped. Brian, your thought and turning up was the nicest thing that has happened this year so far. God bless his little cotton socks. As far as the allotment is concerned it is a no no for me at this minute, but I have sown some seeds, secret ones for the show. Hope I can get them to do what I want. More about that in a later blog.

The Villa, hence the title. Well we are having a pretty bad time at present like most clubs. I was all ready to go to Blackburn on the coach last Tuesday, when the phone call came and I was told all is off. The sandwiches were made and flasks just about to be made, so Alma and I had Egg and Cress for lunch. Wow. They were nice though.

Not seen much of people lately so will be good to catch up on all thats gone on shortly. Hope you are all well wrapped up and enjoying the crisp fresh air. It will kill a lot of our bugs and grubs hopefully, so see you all around soon, Take care cus we care.

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