Saturday, 17 October 2009

This Blinkin Flu

Hi all. picked up the Flu after my talk on Tuesday evening. Well is it not a thoroughley alarming thing. It really knocks one down. I have not eaten till today from Thursday and still feel queasy etc. Very weak and listless. But I thought it might help to get on the net and do sometning to blow away the feeling. Some luck.I think it might be with me for a little while. As a season ticket holder you can see how dissapointed I was to miss the Chelsea Game with the best club in great Britain.
Still I managed to see some from the armchair.
Had a visit from the Butterfly Bula Rice and she has made a start to getting her plot done. Have not been over since wednesday last week so not sure if all those sweet peas I had sown were coming up.
I shall have to ask Roger to check on them for me or Christine if she reads this blog. I will be down on the plot shortly I hope as I am dying to see the results from the coldframe base by Robert. A friend I know who lives very close to the entrance to the plot. He has the white van on the garden next to the fence to the entrance on the left.

Well as I am not 100% at the mo I will get on and try and get better, so that I can get down to it again.

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