Tuesday, 27 October 2009

New things for all

Hi there everyone,
well wouldn't you know it. Young Hazel back off holidays and rarin to go as is normal with hazel, she came down to see us all. Brian, Christine & myself that is on Sunday morning. After explaining that my grapes were green ones she reluctantly caved in and has decided to pick em and bottle em so to speak.

Brian and I had a good mornings work on the work party at the top of the site, and then he came down to help me with the hedge trimming. Whilst he was there he moved the rest of my rocks, no Pauline, not Barmouth ones but ones for the pool, Ha Ha.
He is a great help and asset to us on the bottom end of the plot. Cheers BRI.
Had a nasty fall whilst on the working party, right on to an iron bar. The Photo might help you to see the damage. I am not sure if its just pride or the soreness off it, but it blooming well hurt I can tell you. No looking at the body please. I do not want young ladies passing out.

Well I tried the Hooligan Pumpkin with my grandchildren Lucy and Olivia on Saturday, and their verdict. Super Grandad. Delicious and scrumptious said Lucy. Nodding her head Olivia had too much in her mouth but she smiled and nodded A.O.K.
Wow. It was really good. I had to microwave it for 5+ minutes but I put in Bacon chopped up and a Triangular cheese spread piece in with the butter before cooking. I must say the nutty flavour was just enough for me, but it was just like eating mashed spuds.

Been down on the plot and sown more seeds of Sweet Pea. Air Warden and Mrs Bernard Jones. Will be pleased to see these next year. Have started a paper news letter for the plotters and also digging out a trench for the sweet peas bed. I will be putting that nice Horse manure in the bottom and then some soil and compost mixed over that.

Took off the Plastic cover I used early Autumn and will dig over that area ready for me tatties next year. Getting ready to sow some broad beans. They might get themselves well established with this weather we are experiencing at the moment.
I shall be on the plot today Tuesday for some more work and also some picture taking.
Must get some good ones of our Allotment and also some of the best and worst plots to date. Maybe there are not any worst ones. Lets hope so. Indian Summer in October nearly November, Wow! its not on or is it?.

Well for the moment, thats about it. Will keep you posted on the things that are happening. See ya soon, keep well and take care cus we care. xx

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Anonymous said...

ouch John! I reckon gardening should be classified an extreme sport! My last injury was similar (but not have so bad) when I snagged my ribs on a damson branch when I jumped out of the tree. well, it's the only way to reach the best fruit isn't it! Hope you're not too sore