Monday, 30 November 2009

New Happenings.

Well, how are you all. Been down to plot and also got Brian the chainsaw working Sunday Morning. Just Brian and I I thought, but oh no. We had a really good turnout with members of committee and Chris from 2B helping and sorting out trees. The Thomas'es at Dugdale crescent were extremely helpful and also the young lady next door, Pauline. It all went down well and I have some pics from Christine to show. John Davies and myself have laid down 3 slabs on the walkway to our plot this morning, Monday, and we shall be doing more on perhaps Wednesday or Thursday this week.

I have had me feet podiotrated or whatever you say, and that was good. Walking on air now for a bit. The ET shakes is not doing too well, one day off and then two or three with the shaking Stevens. Ha Ha! Oh well cant be bad for the age etc. Looking forward to Xmas and seeing some grandchildren and great Grandchildren. Keeps me young. Have purchased new camera and also will get a memory card for it shortly so Photo's should be better. Have to take when I am not in the shakes. I have had some information to put in the next letter for end of December, so things looking up a little.

Gave Hazel a surprise yesterday, she has some extra bottles and piping now so the harvesting of grape wine should be well on the way.

The pool is coming on nicely and Chris off 2A has put me some poolside plants ready for planting out. Must do it in the next day or two. Will put my heater on tonight as I feel we may have a cold one.

Sweet pea plants going on strong now and will have one for each person turning up for the talk in January.

I will try and get the Pics on now so stand by and wait for it.

Can not understand why my Pics go to top. Its got to be me. Thick Head. Any help appreciated. The Lady in the last picture made the difference, because the tree came out. She is strong. Wow.
See you all at the plot, and take care cus we care. XX Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Hazel said...

The pics always appear at the top of the page, but you can left-click-and-drag your photos down to where you want them once you've typed the words in, JB - I'll give you a lesson if you're stuck!