Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wow wadderuno

Hi all.
yes it is me and at last an update on things that really matter.

I have been down at the bottom doing odds and ends because I have found a very unnasuming and charming young lady in the form of Katherine.
She has come along to help me in my time of less activity due to problems of old age. Well I was not quite expecting her to be like she is. Anothewr Bula? She has been with me for a little over a week and she is amazing. Her work rate is second to none and she has a nice warm appeal too. She is a credit to her Mom and Dad, Pat and Nick. I wonder how I am going to keep up with her. My plot has taken on another new look and hopefully we will be able to make a really good job of it.
All potatoes dug out execpt competition ones. And beleive you me, they are the best I have produced so far. The usefulness of the pots are superb. From small salad types to Bumper Bakies.

More news on the weather. I hope it will eventually stop persisting down as I need to give my humble girlies a roof over their heads. As they lay their breakfast goodies for my wife and myself, it would be nice to return the favour. Hopefully the last of the last bunch will be in full feather soon, as she looks a little sorry for herself at the moment, and of course the weather is not helping her one little bit.

I shall book off now and get some pictures ready for the next blog in a few days time so that you can see how they are all doing as well as the allotment.
Bye for now folks and sorry for the long awaited blog.

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