Sunday, 21 June 2009

Its News

Hi all and welcome. Well what do you know, we are now called the 'BADGER SET'
Its after the surname you know. I shall have to polish me shoes up and get some proper allotment clothing to make a new impression.

The cheek of it all. As a Committee Member of Hill, I am at the number one spot. 1A that is. There is a large pice of stone I shall be painting up with the Badger Set piccy when its done and show you all. The plot is getting better each week and we have started putting in the winter greens and other similar items. I am really looking at the MOON Planting system and run off a copy eachh week to give me the weeks work.

It could'nt be simpler. I have noticed some strange things happening in the greenhouse, there are [lants coming in ion pots. I do not see any legs or footprints though. Where the dickens thay are coming from I do not know. Ah well kjust get on with it and maybe one day some person oor persons will own up to it.

Got to go and see a specialist Neurologist soon in July so I shall take a look to see what all the shaking going on is. If it is the Parkinsons problem then I know I will have the correct handshake to join that exclusive club. You have to be on the ball in that society so I have heard.

Thw Dunluce pots are coming on nicely and so are the Broad Beans. Been picking some lately to enjoy at meal times. Strawbs are berr-utiful and they are only in their pots still. Must make a special bed for them.

I have decided to plant some different veggies together in the same area and I have Onions growing with Sweetcorn and shallots with lettuces. They are all doing very well. Trying to confuse the little blighters that settle and gnaw away at the tips of plants and things. The beer traps are catching some nice slugs so that works too. Have to go and get meself some pain killers now as I feel a bit drawn and painful, so take care out there we love you all and keep watching the blog. Johnieb

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