Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hi everyone, and welcome to my new bit before I go away for a few days.

I shall have been at the plot nearly four years now and I am just getting down to good honest gardening and learning all the time. I have made my two posts for Beans and also made a pair for the lovely Hazel. She is gonna have to paint em though. Ha HA. She will feel better for that as she has made something herself. How a bout the before Picture. Hope it will com through.
Well I think its worked. Thats before the main offending tree was pruned. The sun it was taking away from the plot was tremendous.

Another Pic perhaps, with a young Lady having a go next door.

How about that Chris. You didn't even know.

She has been a star. Gave me a lovelly box of Biccies for the Tea breaks we have. All because I made her a Compost Bin. Have to make a couple of dozen now so I can be kept in biscuits for the rest of me natural. Thanks Chris. It was a real surprise. Nice to have such good neighbours.
Saw Bri & Plum recently and the delightful Allison. She may be the next compost bin project. We shall have to wait and see.

Well must pop off for now but hey, Those Paper Pots are really doing my Cabbage and Broccolli well. Lots of stuff in the greenhouse almost ready for hardening off. But will have to wait till I return as I cant stretch me arms that far.

Bye for now all. XXXXX where appropriate.

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Lynsey said...

Oh can you do my compost bin as well? ;-) I wish! I'm still waiting for my other half to do mine! I'll be waiting forever ;-)