Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Its all Happening here

Hi everyone.
Nice to have a few minutes to get on the blog page and update it.

Well welcome to the BADGER SET and I know there are a few of you out there that are really interested in the new name.

Been down the plot today and have watered all that needs it and also looked at the greenhouse and noticed my Grapes are thickening up. Must get them thinned out a bit though as there will be no more room soon.

Christine was down there and also watering while Mike must have been lounging in the best seat in the house in front of the TELE. Some blokes have all the luck.

Its amazing how much she has put into her site and the walkways are getting filled in nicely. Must keep that blinkin grass cut on the paths though as it is growing like no tommorrow. Thats my job Chris not yours.

The broad beans are delicious and the runners are slowly coming along. Can not wait to taste the first Dunluce pots as they are due to be turned up July the 6th. They look good and are a good colour at the moment. The green parts that is above ground.

Made a new addition to the shed and its to scare the pigeons, but they seem to be on course to do more damage than usual. They are very hungry this year.

Forgot to take me shed key down and so was left to water and check things over before retreating to the bungalow for shade. Its bloomin hot out there today.

Saw Reg and noticed he had some caterpilars on his cabbages, so was only too pleased to assist by saying where they were so he could get rid of accordingly.

Have put on the councils Newsletter about our Talk evening on the 23rd July, and also there will be news on there about the Show as well.

It might create some more interest for other plotters from the area and bring them into the club.

Roger has had a little upset recently, so I told him to be patient and we would sort it out.

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