Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Badger Set.

Its getting better, so I must be quick writing this. After yesterdays wet happenings, maybe I should not need to worry about a hose Ha Ha.

The back near the shed will be set out to involve a new developement. The POND erosa.

Gates and also bench will be provided so you may rest awhile. Couldn't be better eh.
Short blog this one as the INET tends to throw me off after a few minutes. Keep watching.


Hazel said...

I love the idea of a pond, JB - and a seating area for the weary...? Brilliant!

I had a wander down in the week - your flowers at the front are coming on nicely, I must say!

Julie said...

I have some yellow water iris at home that need spliting, would you like some for your pond?

Bri and Plum said...

Splish Splash, a pond needs ducks. Can't wait to see it