Friday, 3 July 2009

Further Jotts

Hi all and thanks for your comments, was going down today to do some digging but bloomin rain again, still saves me a job apart form Toms in Greenhouse.

Went over to country Gardens last night with Roger and I bought a nice Dogwood and some more Thyme, also another Herb, forgotten its name though. Its on the pot so will look later. The blasted Squirrel has knocked dowm my bird seed feeder and broken the perche3s off. I will catch that pesky squirrel and give him a piece of my mind.

Ah well can't be bad as the Pond will be down at plot but not in till Bryan returns from Hols. He has offerred help at hole digging. Getting the ends of bench painted green to keep things in line with the rest of the world. John Davies knows about my green paint so ask him where it goes. OOOPS He will be only too pleased to let you know about me. We used to live a few houses away from each other in our chilhood days. Hatcham Road, and Bendall Road.

The plot is providing me with some berutiful DUNLUCE suds and they do boil away if you cook em too long. Must keep an eye on that as they are super tatties and taste the earth, WOW.

Have had over 50 potatoes off 6 plants. Not bad eh.

Had a good rubarb and Orange brekky today to start well. Alkaline meal once a day does you the world of good, gets rid of the fat and bad enzymes in yer body.

Looking forward to my next weigh in on 9th July hope its good as I feel a lot better for loss of weight.

Well folks keep looking and blogging and Oh nearly forgot the Grecian part of Life at Christine and Mikes home. Its really fab and reminded me of my 3 yearts in Cypress in 1959 to 63. Wonderful pace of life then and a lovely country. Greek messehs and food was good.

See you all around the set TaRaa.

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