Monday, 27 July 2009

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Hi all,
well what do you know, that little lady on Plot 2B is really doing well. For all the effort and devotion to her plot she is the number one newcomer half plot winner.
I can tell you now Chris.

A reasonable turnout plus at Reggies talk and only one from the top section. That Lady Sheila was very welcome especially after making an effort to come along straight after surgery on her knee. Thanks Sheila. Her Husband came too and I feel they enjoyed the evenings entertainment.

It seems that the majority at the top know it all. The results from the competitions show a true story in my eyes. Well done Julie and Chris. 9th in the whole of Birmingham is a very good effort Julie and well deserved. Christine your labours have been repaid. Congratulations.

The POND erosa is growing steadily and a nice community spirit is being acheived around the Badger SETT. Ha Ha its all in good fun and hopefully we shall get a Barbecue in the Autumn.
The Potatoes I dug up from self setters and put in rows have surprised me and lovely crops are the result. From 3 plants 8lbs plus and a really good looking bunch of Tatties.

The peas I planted with my new seed sower have come through as well as the cabbage. Also the bed that had Broad Beans and Peas in is now ready for winter crops. I think Turnips will be good and also some Swede. Will have to get that done today as well as making the pond area more useable.

Folks I am off now and ready to go up to the allotment and get things done. Take care as you know we care.
PS I have to get Hazels name on the stone so I shall be painting as well this week.

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