Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New Beginnings

Watch all,
Now heres a thing, the pool is lying on the plot ready for planting Ha Ha, and all thanks to young Brian. I have to measure the base of the pool and also the shape etc so that I can paint a few lines for Brian to work on for hole digging, any other help would be appreciated.

Rescued a large toad with Jason last week, It was wrapped around the netting near my lettuces. It was not too far from extintion but all was well and he soon went on his merry way. I have heard of birds getting caught up in the netting, but not toads, ah well we shall all have to be vigilant on this one as they are a bonus to our plots.

With any luck we shall have the pond in and ready by the end of July, rain permitting, and we can all get ready for some nice Autumn evening Barbecues.
By the way, we appear to have secret watchers on our bloggs, Local officials and all that, well I never, it never ceases to surprise me who can be watching, Welcome to the bloggs Paul.
Hope you find it interesting, and worth a laugh or two occasionally.

Veg is ready to be picked and unearthed at this time but that bloomin wet stuff gets in the way. I shall try and load some piccies up shortly so keep watching all and take care for now as we care. Ta RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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