Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Latest

Hi there, and welcome to the Sunday page roundup.
The Talk from Reg on thursday evening went down very well, and it was reasonably
represented by most of the Bottom plotters and only Sheila from the Top.
Obviously they know how to get ready for the show so it was not for them. Thanks Sheila, your presence with your husband was appreciated by all of us especially as you had only just had surgery on your knee that day and made the effort.

Those that did not turn up lost out, so lets see if they wish to come to the next one.

Hey the POND is down and water is in it, what a lovely big water but. Good if we have a drought. I am making headway filling in the sides and thanks to Brian the express train, the pond fitted quite well. He also gave me some weed suppresant to go around it. When the rocks are in and some flowers and suchlike we shall all be able to while away and put the world to rights down thebottomoftheplot. Ha Ha, its starting to look good. Gave a little dig up to the potatoes that were self setting, you know the ones I had carefully dug up and replanted in rows. Well a big surprise was awaiting me cus there were lots off three plants. All Mayo variety reds and appart from a couple of slug holes, well formed and good looking. Can ot wait to have an eat of them.

Have put in some late peas with the new planter and cabbage, they are coming through nicely. Will have to keep a close eye on the to see haow they grow and also protect them from the dredded pigeons.

Can't think of much else at the moment, but eh who knows we might get some more news tommorrow. TaRa......................................

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