Thursday, 9 April 2009

Its Getting Better

Hi all,
and Thanks Bri/Plum and Hazel for your comments. Have issued comments to you all regarding same.

I will now try to upload that Picture of mine I wanted to get on.

Well that did not seem too bad, but if it works it is after the tree cutting etc.
I have taken some more piccies and I will endeavour to get them into the blog.

First earlies just gone in yesterday, DUNLUCE and hopefully Hazel they will be fine.
Also put my Comp. Pots in for Reg's competition and have split two potatoes because of shoots.

We shall have to see how we go.
Hazel I shall make the upright as I showed you in my book one for each end and then do the necessary strings. Hope that will go OK as well. Bit down today cus can not get on plot. But I am resting and that can only be good. Made 25 Paper Pots ready for Cabbage and Broccoli if poss will get them in tommorrow.
I shall leave it for now and blog off, and get back soon. Tara all...


Hazel said...

The more that I think abou the 'upsidedown' beans, the more I think that it's a good idea!!
Would you mind very much knocking me up the 'T-bars' for my beans? I'll bring you some of my 'Abbey Crunch' special biscuits in return!

mike said...

Hi John,
the address is