Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Hi all,
just to let you all know we are up and running again. Done lots of work on the plot lately, and have been hard at it. The plot is looking better now and I am pleased for the effort of myself and Roger and others have done to help. Christine on plot 2a has also been down and given her plot a really good going over. It's looking good. We both have been planting some flowers and climbers in the plot areas and we hope to have a nice looking site for any visitor to come and have a look at and also hopefully come back again. I have put some Lillies in around one of my water buts and also the trees have been cut back sufficiently to allow light through. I will try to insert a picture if I can at this stage so hang on here goes.
It appears it did not work. I will have to get some tuition on it and try again. Before and after the trees were cut would be good pics. Menews etc. Roger and I had Bacon Butties yesterday morning, and with the cuppa as well it went down superbly.Met Bula Rice yesterday and she is off to London Wednesday and will be back next Thursday, so we can have a cuppa and get down to the latest news.
Alls well that ends well and I am amazed at young Hazel, her blog and allotment info are very very good and I have had lots of pleasure reading about the things she has done. I will have to pull my socks up and get going again to at least get some resemblance of a good blog like hers. Well done Hazel.


Bri and Plum said...

Yes,JB it really is starting to look real ship shape again this year Hope we all get a good growing season. If you need any help importing a picture let me know

Hazel said...

Hi there, JB - now then, what's all this about bacon butties??

Your plot is looking good - I have half a dozen nasturtiums, marigold, calendula and a few others to bring the bees along, if you'd like them - ready to plant out in a couple of weeks, I reckon. Let me know what you want - there should be enough for Christine and any of the others too.

Let Bri give you a hand with putting the pics on - it's amazing how quickly you forget how things were.

JohnieB said...

Thanks Bri aand Plum and the lovely Hazel.

It means a lot to know you have friends out there who really care.

Comments are always helpful and I had a practice today and I think I might just have cracked it, the pictures that is.

See what you think when I am redoing my next blog.?
Ta XX hazel and Plum Cheers Bri