Monday, 9 February 2009

The week on the Isle

Hi all, just got back from the Isle of Wight and it certainly was white.
Had a good time plenty to drink and eat and lots to see. Played Mr & Mrs on stage Tuesday evening, and came last. Just shows how much she knows about me! Ha.

Paid a visit to plot and was dissapointed could not get anything done as snow is still covering it.

Never mind I shall endeavour to bore you to bits with my Recipe for an even warmer winter soup.

First of all get carrotts, onions,parsnip, leek and also cabbage chopped up fine. put in a pan and fry off with a little oil. When happy about the frying off then add 3 large spoonfuls of Rogan Josh, and also a small spoonful of your favourite curry paste. Mix all together and add a sprinkling of
Plain flour. Do not forget to put salt and pepper in. Mix and add some tomato puree, then add boiling water, a little at a time. Get the pan really full and make sure you add 1 oxo normal, 1 oxo veg, and 1 oxo chicken, all crumbled in and stir well.
Bring it to boil then lower to simmering. Add some chopped potatoes and also some mixed herbs and a boquet garni. Leave to simmer away for an hour or so and then add some more finely chopped cabbage. Test for taste and add whatever you wish to get that super taste that you like.

You can seive this through a seive or do not bother and add dumplings or chicken legs to cook in the soup. I use chicken and add it at around halfway through the cooking.
I know you should like this as much as I do if you like a slightly spiced soup, I called it the Johnny Badger Rogan Joshi poshi soup. It tastes great and can fool most of my grandchildren in to eating their vegetables. I have had it for Xmas starter and the family loved it, without the chicken of course. Just a soup and it went down well. My one grandaughter Lucy said she did not like cabbage, so after she had had a bowlful I asked her her opinion, and she said it was lovely and what was the longish pieces in it, and when I said cabbage, she replied can I have some more, it's lovely. The cabbage was cut into fine strips around an inch to 2 inches long. Ha Ha. Try it and let me know how you enjoy it. Got to get some Pork Pies done this week for the Builder Hazel. She has been hard at it making beds on her plot. They look good Hazel. See you all around sometime. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XX

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Hazel said...

Just a quick 'thank you' for the pork pies, John - they have featured on the blog, and will shortly be featuring in my gob!