Saturday, 24 January 2009

Hi all, sorry I have not been on lately, kept losing password and could not get on to site also not been to well of late.
But all now behind me. I have been down to my spot and looked at the situation there and after I opened my eyes I was amazed to see it was not too bad just a bit of a mess really, more like me Ha Ha.
Saw Julie down at plot and met Chris and Hazel and Chris's friend Christine. All good stuff. Burnt the ground a bit and dug a little and starting to tidy up my bottom end. Careful with the words badge, Hazel is bound to pick you up on it. Eh she mentioned her Celery wine, wow, I bet that's a winner on TV.
Got lots to do and will get some photos sorted out for next time, but would like to thank Julie for offer of help and also Christine for her comments. Its hard to keep a good young boy like me down you know. I keep bouncing back like the proverbial penny. Trying to refurbish an old clock for the shed, and did some drawing of the plot today looking from where I usually sit and sip me tea and rest between digs etc. I am going to try and get my frame for HotBed set back on the back half of plot and then I can get some muck in and start it going. That's where I shall need help Julie, but have asked Brian of plum fame to help and will let you know when I shall be down to do it. You probably have noticed it perched half on the barrow ready for moving. I shall ask Jodie as well.
Onions I sowed in August 08 have been coming on nicely and have put them into special box in greenhouse. Hope I can grow woppers to go in show. I have been making soups and stuff and also Pork Pies, NO! not Porky Pies Hazel, the edible ones. Ha Ha. Will trully save you one Hazel, hope you will enjoy it. I think I will sort out my special recipe for soups and let it go down in blog for all to try. They taste great and even my Grandaughter Lucy likes em.
Ah well thats a blog an half for now so toodle pip all you allotmonteers and keep planting , digging, and whatever you do. Bye for now JohnieB

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Hazel said...

I'll swap you a pork pie for 20 Dunluce tubers which I have especially for you!