Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday Aug 18th

Hi all, just catching up on the latest news and things.
Getting things sorted out on the plot and also trying to dodge the rain spots. My Pumpkin is getting bigger and bigger. Thank the Lord for the rain, Ha Ha. The Sunflower is on the brink of 10foot tall.
I am hoping it will keep going although the chances are slimming. Got a first and a second on the show out of four entries so 50% can not be too bad. Pickled beetroot came second to some dodgy looking onions??????? and my 7 Herbs came first AGAIN, eat ur heart out Jason. Its only fun banter so I do not take it seriously, but am going all out to win again next year if I survive in to me 70's. Will take a look at Hazels plot later cus she stole a glimpse of mine and Kieran was a star turnout at the show, His mum really stood her ground for him. She's a fighter that one, eh Julie?
Bri & Plum did not have a go and I would have thought they could have got something out of it, but they really do like eating their produce before we can see it, so who knows? we might cajole them into it next show. Will be blogging again soon so keep an eye and I am enjoying my fresh garden peas and Tommies now they are ripening. Top secret, I have started my onions off for next years show so watch this space and I shall let you know if iot was a false start or not..... Tarra for now XXX for the girls and best wishes for the boys.

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Hazel said...

Feel free to have a nose round no 16a, but don't get lost in the squash foliage - they've all gone a bit mad and I will be eating all sorts of pumpkin type things over winter - ha!

The show was terrific fun - I think that between us we will persuade Bri and Plum to have a go next year!

Keep up the good work!