Friday, 25 July 2008

The Bottom end of it all

Hi all, I am at the lowest place in the plot and at 1A it is the quietest. I hope to rise to higher places later on in life, but at nearly knocking 70 candles on me cake I am not sure if I shall ever reach as far as Jules. Ha Ha.
My name is John and I am a pensioner of repute with fishing, bowl, discos and also helping others amongst my many virtues.

Bri & Plum are friends of mine and their blogg is the reason I am on here now.

Follow me leader chuck. Hi Hi.

We are allotmenteers of early days, learning the pro's and con's of the allotment. Its a very nice feeling eating ones own produce. It can only lead to a healthier lifestyle. The learning curve is very steep, so I am always willing to share my experiences and successes few as they may be, with others. Come in and have a chat about it all. By the way I am the better looking one, not too tall but sizeable and bearded.

I need to get to Hazel's dizzy heights and then I can say I am on the way so to speak. She is a canny little lass, with lots of verve and go and I like to have a chat as I pass on me way.

As and when I can think of more I will add it on here.
Some photo's of me plot when I started and when Bri & plum were helping me a year ago. I am the good looking one, a recycled teenager.

This is the Monday after I had started my blogg. I have just been down to check the plot at 8.00 pm to see how much damage the rain had done. It was very minimal and I was pleased to note my pumpkin is making good solid progress, from a tennis ball now a double tennis ball, almost football size, wow what a cracker.
Met Hazel yesterday and told her about me blog, she couldn't remember the name, poor soul. I have just sent her the details, hoe she can clock em ok. Cant wait to see all she will be showing on August 10th. Ha Ha, careful with words Hazel, I am a little devil at getting the meenings back to front.
Will be starting my cake and also have got myself a super, Well I think it is, bucket for the show.

Wait and see Hazel all will be revealed.

Hehe Jules was at plot today with Keiran and we had a chat about things grdening wise and we seem to agree, things are going well. Hope you get to my blogg Jules. Let me know.

Well without giving too many secrets out,I have really got my Sunflower for the comp on the way and it is well above my height now, all 5'7" of me. Ha Ha.

Got to get me some practice on the mike for wednesday evening as I am doing Karaoke and I like to sing a lot of the old sloppies to the girls. It gives us a lift in life, try it sometimes Bri. We will have to do a duet on the guitars. At least I look likean old country and western delapidated cowboy now. Heh!

Thats all for now folks so stay tuned for the next issue. See ya'all.


Hazel said...

This is a quality blog, young man - I am well impressed!

I can see that I'm going to have to watch what I say round here now!

I confess to having had a look round your neck of the plot earlier - I must have just missed you after the rain when I was picking french beans for tea at 7pm. That pumpkin is looking mighty fine - I wont be competing with you on that one, but my fruit cake's a cracker let me warn you!

I think that Julie has us both licked on the sunflower, though!

Tootle pip, blogmate!

Julie said...

Found my way at last- very good.

Kieran was thrilled to get a mention and will be down to check out your mighty pumpkin very soon!

By Jody Latham said...

well well I heard a rumour you were blogging!! A great read to boot. You can find me at:

jody (Plot 17a, Hill allots)

By Jody Latham said...

Hi John, fancy advertising the annual show on yr blog?? goto new post, isert image and cut n paste the address below into the URL section and it should appear, hopefully!